Monday, September 27, 2010

More television shows for children...

I think that there ought to be more television shows for children-shows that are entertaining but innocent.  When I was a child there were shows like: Brady Bunch, Flipper, Flintstones, Beverly Hillibillies, Mod Squad, name a few.

These were fun to watch appropriate shows.  Parents didn't have to monitor what was on so much--especially during Prime time, and commercials!  There used to be regulations that safeguarded the children more--why did we change?  Do so many of us really believe that we don't have to keep the innocence in our children for as long as possible?  It's not that that innocence gets destroyed in time anyway--why do we feel the need to destroy it at such an early age? 

hmmm...what do you think?


  1. I think innocense is lost. Kids are slicker than we ever were. Maybe a movement can sweep the nation with today's babies. It would probably take an annoying celebitchy to stand on her parenting pulpit to get people thinking.

    I weep for our world. I am small and not able to cure it of its ills.

  2. Thanks Kate, I feel the same way. I like the idea, but is there a celebitchy that actually has the morals we are looking for? Let's think--Octomom, Angelina Jolee, Madonna, Brittany---hmmm...what do you think?