Thursday, September 30, 2010

Should a twelve-year old...

Well, my twelve-year old just asked if he could have a Facebook and a Twitter, and I was just talked into a new cell phone last week so that he has texting capabilities, which I was already against, and my 73-year old mother talked me into.

Wow!  What a lucky boy to have such a cool and modern gramma!  She reminded me that he is a great kid who follows the rules, and if he doesn't, then I can always put restrictions on the phone.

So, why am I adament about allowing him to have a Facebook and Twitter?  Is it any different than what he would hear on the playground at school, or when all the kids are hanging out at sports practice? Yet still, I am resisting.  I am not sure if I am resisting Facebook and Twitter or the idea that my baby boy is growing up and starting to expand his horizons--I almost think it is the latter. 

I don't want him to grow up--I want to preserve his innocence; I don't really want a teenager, although I teach high school and know that there are some really great kids in high school doing really great things. With this being said, it is something most people don't know since it is the bad kids who get all the press.

Maybe we should really start emphasizing the good kids more so people
realize that it isn't all bad in our world today, and that most kids will make good choices because that is what they have been taught--right?

So, if I truly believe this, then isn't it true that my son, if given a Facebook or Twitter, will make the right choices when up against situations that cause him to say---hmmm, what should I do?

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