Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Our Children's Education....

Does socio-economic status matter as much as parental support?
Are there success stories about children who grow up in rough, poor neighborhoods that overcome their adversity and excel in school?

My answer to this is yes, and the reason why is that those children had a good
familial support system who valued education, and who took time with their
children--in spite of where they lived or how much money they made.

Education is not just for the rich!  It is for those who desire to learn--so how is that desire enhanced--strictly by teachers or by many different factors--the most important being the child's main support system.

If a child has someone who cares for them and puts effort into them from birth until he/she starts school, works with them, and instills the value of a good education and continues these thoughts and behaviors throughout the child's school years, will that child be successful in school no matter where the child attends school?

hmmm....what do you think?

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